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Huskies lose again in the NCAA tournament


I hate to say it, but this loss falls heavy on Lorenzo Romars shoulders. I can hear the naysayer’s right now, “but he was coach of the year,” “but he brings in great local talent”, “but he gets us to the NCAA tournament.” All good things, but at some point, you need to be able to get to the second level in the NCAA tournament which means the elite 8 and the final four. Time and time again, the UW offense and defense play calling looks like it’s drawn up in the sand. When was the last time you saw a back door cut, or a screen up top for a three point shooter, or a back cut for a lob alley oop dunk. In bound plays? Wow, I honestly can’t think of the last time I saw UW score on an out of bounds play vs. just throwing the ball into the backcourt. East coast teams are stronger than Pac 10 teams and Purdue wore us down, bottom line in the first half. How about getting your team ready with having the second team practice with in your face hand checking type defense which is exactly how East coast teams play. How about pressing in the second half? UW desperately needed a point guard for this team and I knew they would be one and done in the tournament this year with no one that averaged more than 3 assist a game. UW is a factory right now for producing great scores (Roy, Robinson) and they get drafted in the selfish NBA and flourish. Great college basketball teams play more team ball and have point guard that average at least 6 assist a game. Check history people, most of the time teams in the final four have a great point guard.

So, you have to ask yourself, do you settle for being a one and done team in the NCAA or do you take the next step? I think Romar is going to have to either change his coaching style, become more disciplined, or hire smarter assistance you know how to make in game changes to WIN. Otherwise, UW is looking a lot like Gonzaga or the Atlanta Braves….great teams in the regular season, but chokers in the big games. ALL Seattle teams are great at home (Seahawks for example) but cannot win big games on the road (UW this year for example Kansas and Florida). The worst part of this game was that it was essentially a home game in Portland.

UW fans, it’s time to stop saying “wait till next year.” This is college basketball people and you lose a top talent like Brockman, it’s tough the next year. I say Romar needs to rethink his coaching style or UW will just continue to be a glorified local all star team that doesn’t care about advancing.

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  March 22, 2009 11:21 AM
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