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Letter to MLB: Stadium corporate advertising has got to stop


I’m writing a letter on behalf of our 50K+ fan base at Seattle Sports to all major league baseball teams regarding putting an end to the absurd amount of corporate advertising at Major League Baseball stadiums. It absolutely sickens me to watch games these days and to see every inch of outfield wall covered (more like littered) with corporate logos. Moreover, the once small ad behind home plate is now 6 times the size it once was and now features four to five companies back there. How distracting do you think that is now to the pitcher, with all those annoying colors and banner of lame corporate advertising? What’s even worse is that now you are allowing ads to be placed on foul poles!

I attended a San Francisco Giants game the other day and was blown away having seen first hand how intrusive corporate ads are now affecting the game. The left field wall has a lame Chevron ad that actually goes above the normal outfield wall. Or, how about the Levis banner being flown from the right field flag poll? With no replay in baseball, what’s an ump supposed to do if a ball hits the flag, but not the poll? Home run? Why do you allow these corporate marketing managers to alter the playing field in baseball? MLB has been extremely profitable over these last several years. Great job Selig, you’ve sold out to corporate America and look no more professional than the Arena football league. Let me guess Bud, you’ll have McDonald’s ads on players jersey’s soon enough, along with a Walmart logo plaster all over the outfield.

I’ll stick to watching real sports like NFL football and College basketball that haven’t sold out like MLB. Maybe some day you’ll wake and realize that fans do care about the integrity of the game vs. corporate sponsorship. Just because corporate advertising is losing money in TV ads because of Tivo, doesn’t mean you need to ruin the game. Tell these corporate tools to spend their money on the teams websites, where fans are actually going and are ok viewing ads. Advertising is moving to online, so should MLB and not into the field of play. It sure is refreshing when ESPN will play a classic game from 1985. Guess what MLB? Not a SINGLE ad appears on any outfield wall. Do what teams used to do and put players numbers that are retired and sell the logos of other major league teams. I commend both Wrigley field and Coors Field for both not allowing over excessive corporate advertising in their ballparks. I puke watching games played at San Francisco, Arizona, Cincinnati, Houston, Florida, and others simply because of the corporate advertising.

This letter is being sent to all major league baseball teams, being posted on my blog, forwarded to several major league baseball blogs as well and anywhere else that it will be added as an RSS feed. Let it be known that there are several fans that believe in this theory that we need to stop the corporate advertising madness that is taking over this great game. What’s next, Walmart Yankee Stadium?


James Linden
Seattle Sports Blog

  Posted by: Seattle Sports Blog Guy | Permalink | Comments (15)
  July 14, 2008 2:24 PM


Teams didn't used to sell advertisements around the stadiums? I remember differently.
I am sorry that AT&T park makes you puke, I puke when I think about taxpayers paying for stadiums in places like Seattle or virtually any NFL city. The NFL is much worse than MLB, the league tells referees to stop the games at randon points, no matter what is happening to put in more commercials. It ruins the game if you are at the stadium. The NFL also puts advertising on the field of play AND all around the stadium.

Posted by: Ted | July 14, 2008 3:53 PM

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