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Hawks draft picks


Hmmmm, interesting moves I felt on draft day. The guy that everyone seemed to think we were going to draft Keller was passed on by Seattle and instead used to pick up a DE/DL from USC. I like the fact that we are taking players from the west coast who won't complain as much about traveling up to Seattle for living in the city during their tenure. Seems a lot easier vs. taking people from the east coast and hoping they adjust. We definitely needed help with the run last year, hence the game in Green Bay when we got ran over. I still think a lot of our poor defense stems from the inability of John Marshall to call a good game. Up 14-0 on Green Bay people, and we proceeded to get our asses handed to us the rest of the game. I like the picks of the FB from West Virginia and the long snapper....definitely areas where we can use some help. I still think Seattle is a trade away from having that stud TE or another WR, but with Obamanu, Talyor, and others, we could, I say could, be ok for now at WR.

The Mariners? Are fricking struggling right now, absolutely struggling. Richie Sexson? Someone kidnap him, please. Kenji J? Why did we extend this guys contract I will never know. Vidro? Historically a great .300 hitter, but is struggling this year. You gotta wonder why Bavasi decides on bringing guys in here like Wilkerson and Sexson, who have historically hit in the .240-.250 range. Everyone by now should know that when you come to play in Seattle's spacious Safeco, you are just not going to hit for average as you did where ever you played before. Look at Cirillo, Beltre, Olivio, Aurilla, Sexson, etc, etc. The only exception seems to be Ibanez. So, the M's better start going after hitters like a Maglio Ordonez or start moving the fences in....which is something, if you recall, Griffey had a beef with when the stadium was first constructed. Detroit moved their fences in, why can't Seattle?

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  April 28, 2008 4:19 PM


I just found the cutest thing! Well first of all I am a Seahawks fan as well as an animal lover! I stumbled upon this unbelievable calendar that combined my two passions! The Seahawks did this pro-compassion calendar that supports a local charity named Pasado's Safe Haven who rescues various animals from abuse. This calendar has pictures of all the best players like Matt Hasselbeck with a rescued dog, so cute!!! I knew these guys were nice. And it is all for charity. Go Seahawks!!!! Check out these cute pictures on their website.....

Posted by: kristin | September 26, 2008 4:16 PM


Posted by: Myrna Jacobson | November 12, 2008 2:09 PM

You can tell this is really fake!!!! STEELERS BEAT SEATTLE FAR!!!!!!! ITS OVER!! AND STEELERS CAME OUT ON TOP!!!! :)

Posted by: Sam | January 18, 2009 8:56 PM
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