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Hawks 2008 schedule, Sonics, and more


Seattle Seahawks Blog:

The Hawks released their 2008 schedule this year and for the most part, it's favorable. The real headache is having to travel to the east coast for FOUR games, which is a bit much. No love, once again.

Looks like another 10-6 to 11-5 Seahawks record with ole' Holmy at the helms. Guess what? Expect another first round home win followed by a loss on the road the next week.

Prove me wrong Holmgren, mix up the offense, draft a solid TE, and call a few trick plays from time to time and we have a shot at a 13-3 record and home field advantage.'s more of the same old Hawks

Seattle Sonics update:

Oh, Mr. Shultz, you think you can win back the town of Seattle by suing Clay Bennett? Think again...your over priced tasteless coffee chain is about to dry up in Seattle. You tore the hearts out of a lot of fans in Seattle, and for that, you will NEVER be favored again in this town. You'll be known as a Martyr in this town for the rest of your life. Better do like Boeing did and move your lame ass and your corporate executives to Chicago or somewhere other than Seattle.


  Posted by: Seattle Sports Blog Guy | Permalink | Comments (2)
  April 15, 2008 12:11 PM


We just want you to know that people as far as Miami care deeply about the Sonics:

We wish you the best of luck in staving off this injustice.

Posted by: The South Florida Fam | April 15, 2008 1:39 PM

I just found the cutest thing! Well first of all I am a Seahawks fan as well as an animal lover! I stumbled upon this unbelievable calendar that combined my two passions! The Seahawks did this pro-compassion calendar that supports a local charity named Pasado's Safe Haven who rescues various animals from abuse. This calendar has pictures of all the best players like Matt Hasselbeck with a rescued dog, so cute!!! I knew these guys were nice. And it is all for charity. Go Seahawks!!!! Check out these cute pictures on their website.....

Posted by: kristin | September 26, 2008 4:13 PM
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