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Shaun Alexander: Thanks for the memories


In case you haven't read the great article from Steve Kelley from the Seattle Times on Shaun Alexander, here you go: Seattle Times Shaun Alexander article

Here is what I wrote in reply to Steve's post:

You just said everything that every Seattle Seahawk fan has been wanting to say for the last year: thanks for the memories Shaun, you were great, but you are unfortunately past your prime and this is a business. If Shaun was a pint sized RB like a Barry Sanders or Warrick Dunn, he could probably continue to do what's he's done for a good year or two. But the problem lies in the fact that he is a big back that has lost a step. A 6'0, 230 lb RB that runs at best a 4.6 now is NEVER going to be able to crack another 25+ yard plus run again in this league at his age.

Thanks Shaun, you brought the Hawks back to a prideful status. It's now time to give Seattle a friendly wave goodbye and accept the fact that your days are numbered.


Also, while I'm posting, what's everyone's thoughts on Lorenzo Romar? A very, very subpar year and the second year in a row that the Washington Huskies men's basketball team had a terrible year in Pac 10 play. I still think the verdict is out on Romar. He can't seem to figure out what line-up he wants to use, still doesn't seem to get when to call a zone vs. man defense, and has horrible in-bound plays (when was the last time you saw a well executed in bound play from UW?). Two years in a row of mediocre basketball spell trouble to me. Yes, the Pac 10 was well stocked this year with talent, but we also have a McDonald's all american in Brockman, a lights out three point shooter in Appleby, and "supposed" top talent in guys like Pondexter and Overton. Talented, yes, but you also need a coach that can direct. Is Romar the answer? I think next year will be a pivotal one in his career at UW.

  Posted by: Seattle Sports Blog Guy | Permalink | Comments (1)
  March 10, 2008 11:55 AM


Of course a Seahawks fan would want to make fun of the Steelers. Get over it.

-Mike Greenspire

Posted by: Mike Greenspire | March 21, 2008 5:46 PM
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