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Hawks roll to division championship


Seattle Seahawks Blog:

Boy, what a difference 5 weeks makes in the NFL. Coming off the Pittsburgh loss and Cleveland meltdown, the Hawks have turned things around significantly these last 5 weeks. They absolutely crushed Arizona yesterday and rolled to their fourth straight division championship. There are a number of scenario's that can play out the remainder of the year, and let's hope some bad things happen in Green Bay that allow us to get that first round bye.

Hasselbeck is above and beyond the MVP of this team. His TD to INT ratio this year is one of his best and he's spreading the ball around well to all WR's.

A few other game balls yesterday:

Len Weaver is making us forgot about Mack Strong rather quickly. Know what's funny? Holmgren has finally brought back the screen pass that he used to LOVE to run with Green Bay and in his early days with Seattle. Weaver can catch and BLOCK, which is something this team has needed for picking up blitzes

Marcus Trufant: The MVP on defense for this team. It took him a few years to come out of his shell and as he indicated yesterday, "The pressure up front makes QB's make bad throws" That couldn't be more true with TRU.........Lofa may be the leader, but Trufant is the MVP right now and deserves a shot to the pro bowl. Kearney also has been unbelievable these last several weeks and has proven he's worth the money.

Things to work on:

Still need to get more of a running game going in these games when we're up, but if you don't need it, don't bother with it. I'd rather win these games scoring 42 points vs. squeakers by 3 and Shaun/Mo/Weaver have 150 yards+ on the ground.

Special Teams: Why is it that we are so vunerable to the onside kick at halftime? Can someone please notify the front 5 on KO return to NOT leave until the ball is in the air?????

With how bad the Sonics are right now, with the Mariners unwilling to pay big $$$ for a key starter and with UW hoops losing as they did on Saturday, the Hawks are the only thing to look forward to in Seattle Sports right now.

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  December 10, 2007 10:53 AM
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