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Hawks pull out another win on the road


On what was shaping up to be another let down weekend for Seattle Sports (Huskies in particular getting their asses handed to them in basketball and the football team's embarrassment vs. Hawaii), the Hawks found another way to pull out a win. The Seahawks are the only good thing going good for Seattle sports right now with the Huskies, Sonics, and Mariners all looking like sub par teams.

Here are our positives and negatives from yesterday's game against Philly:

#1: Running back by committee: is working well for this team right now. No need to fix it. I'd almost prefer to get Morris more carries than the 5 he got yesterday. Shaun looked like a new man yesterday. I'll still give $200 to the first person who believes Alexander will EVER be able to break a 25+ yard run again.

#2: Hasselbeck: He still seems to be able to fumble the ball at least once per game and throw one INT, but overall, when we needed him, he came through. Branch, Burleson, and Engram all did well yesterday for him, however, where is our tight end? Can Heller get more involved?

#3: Lofa: I've been giving this guy a bad time for at times getting run over and at times being in the wrong spot on mis-direction runs, but he was the MVP yesterday. 3 Int's, 11 tackles...nuff said.


#1: Can Marshall please get more aggressive on his play calling on the road for blitzes? We had ONE sack yesterday...ONE! Please, John Marshall, send Peterson, send Lofa, send Hill...get the LB's and DB's more involved in getting pressure. Our defense is TOO PREDICTABLE!!

#2: Poor tackling angles: The Philly RB's had too many cut backs yesterday and I saw Russell and Grant out of position and taking bad angles to the ball. Stay in your lanes people!!

#3: Special Teams: Thank God for Bently.....why can't Holmgren think about who's back there? Westbrook is a stud...kick the fricking ball out of bounds!!!

Overall, we looked solid again on the road and pulled out another big win. Up next a pesky Arizona team who is going to come for blood. Can you say revenge for week #2? Hawks fans, get ready to be as LOUD AS YOU CAN BE....

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  December 3, 2007 11:01 AM
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