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Huskies 2007 Hoops Done and Done


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What a deplorable showing by the UW Men's basketball team last night, essentially wrapping up a dismal year. Oh, weren't we fooled by those lofty expecations of Final Four, Pac 10 Tournament Champs, etc, etc, etc. They were listless last night, basically doing nothing but going through the motions. The Seattle Sports Blog team all looked at eachother with about 5 minutes remaining in that game and all came to the same conclusion: NIT here we come.

Biggest question marks for this team:

-Is Romar really a good coach? His decisions to play ZONE against AZ pretty much cost us that game and was the start of the downward spiral. Other things such as player rotations were questionable (like leaving Brockman and Hawes out of the game until about 3 min's left against the game in Cal....and they were not in foul trouble

-Justin Dentmon is done, done, and done. We're not sure if he's having off court issues or what, but he is absolutely horrible this year. His assist to turnover ratio is one of the worst we have seen and his shot selection is not intellegent. Bottom line, we'd prefer Oliver leading this team next year

-Appleby: He's a SG, bottom line. Run some frickin' plays for this guy and get him open. The majority of his shots are either off the dribble (which he, like Dentmon, is not stellar).

-Hawes/Brockman/Pondexter: As the Clash would sign, "Shoud I stay or should I go now?" We would love to keep all 3 and believe that none of them are ready for the next level. Well, Hawes might be, but we hope that he has a little UW pride in him and he decides to stick it out one more year.

Bottom line, this will be an interesting off season for this young team. Romar HAS to get this thing turned around...quickly

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  February 23, 2007 1:26 PM
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