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UW Hoops 2007 are officially in trouble


Washington Huskies Men's basketball blog:

How times have changed

When we first looked at the UW men's basketball team this year, we were more concerned with how long we might be able to keep this top caliber talent around: Hawes, Pondexter, Brockman were sure bets in the NBA, we all thought. As UW weaved their way through their powder-puff early schedule, one thing was clear: they were not "handling" these mediocre teams as much as they should have. That should have been a first sign

Now, posting a 1-4 conference record, they are in serious danger of NOT even making the NCAA basketball tournament. The win over LSU was nice, but not proving much given LSU's record of late.

Here are a few issues that we picked up on from last night's game:

--Appleby, for as great of a shooter he is, continues to get scorched on defense. Not only off the dribble, but guards are basically just shooting right over him. We do not think he is the answer at point guard....BTW, what the HELL was he thinking fouling with .29 seconds left? Did he not know the score?!?!?!?!

--Dentmon proved he should be back in the starting line-up....he played well last night...still, 3 TURNOVERS! The guy is not the world's greatest dribbler, bottom line

--Hawes and Brockman is not ready for the pro's....they should consider staying at UW one more year. Brockman is more polished than Hawes and might be a second round pick. They are guestimating Hawes as a lottery pick, but against 2 average 7 footers last night, he was dominated. He needs to hit the weights and become more flexible...Yoga or Pilates might help....just ask Kareem Abdul-Jabber.

--Bad execution down the strech: we blame this again on Romar...are you education your players in the huddle what the score is? Are you practicing free throws enough? Pondexter and Hawes shooting 1-4 killed us, absolutely killed us.

--Nelson and Oliver show freshman colors. We like both of these guys, however, they are only freshman, and freshman make mistakes like those two costly turnovers down the strech. Let's hope Nelson is not the second coming of Tre Simmons...the guy could shoot, but other than that, was a waste of space. Nelson seems like he can drive and dish, but needs to improve.

Overall, this may turn out to be a transistion year for UW, which is unfortunate given the expectations.

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  January 12, 2007 10:05 AM
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